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MCNSA Survival

MCNSA Survival


Hey there everyone,
We are an established community with a couple of servers out there, and are always looking for new people. You may have seen us around - we are a no bullshit server that treats players with respect (unless you don't treat us with respect) and are quite welcoming. We have been around for over 3 years.

We have full anti-grief protections in, and we are well staffed by non assholes (they may troll you a bit, but we encourage a sense of humor) and you will be playing with around 10-50 people at all time with similar mindsets (hopefully).

We have a currency system that was built from the ground up. It has been wildly popular, keeps evolving, and you can read about it on our forums at

We have a chat system that has been built from the ground up. It is less intrusive than HeroChat or the others and is pleasant to look at, as well as very feature rich. You have the ability to mute anyone that annoys you, speak only to those near you, create your own channels for you and your friends, and also talk to players on other mcnsa servers

Our ranking system is very robust. With 7 separate ranks you will rank up depending on performance that is based around trust, kindness, and sometimes proper grammar. Follow the rules and you'll be fine, and should rank up at a steady pace and gain abilities with each rank. Due to the number of members we have it can be difficult to see who has been around enough for a rank up, therefore we encourage you to work with others, and engage in meaningful conversation in chat.

We are an SMP server and encourage you to play the game like it was meant to be played. You might get a pair of gold pants or something random, but it's all in good fun. No griefing, read the rules and all will be well. PVP is enabled but only for organized duels. Random PVPing will not end well for you.

The server is, and yes that's all you have to type to join. No whitelist, no signing up, just come and play with us. We look forward to seeing you there.


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