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What do we offer?

Hello and welcome to the OcramsMCWorld server page! Our server is a brand new server with lots of features! We have enough things to make everyone happy such as:

Minigames: MobArena, Parkour, Spleef and Paintball (Paintball has hidden suprises :o)

Creative worlds: Non- donators have acces to the normal creative worlds with the default plot size, donate $6 to acces the 200x200 plots and you get WorldEdit, /speed and much more commands!, check the site for more information!

Factions: A factions world where you can create your own faction, Build your own city, and raise till you're one of the biggest factions on the server!

Grief/Raid: Basically everything is allowed here, exploding stuff, griefing other people's houses, kill everyone, use hacks like nodus, stealing everything, there are NO rules (except the chat rules ofcourse ;) )

Donation info:
We have the following donator ranks:

  • Coal (only $2!)
  • Redstone ($4!)
  • Diamond ($6!)

Coal perks:

  • /ptime day and /ptime night
  • 20 creative plots
  • acces to /nick
  • Full chainmail armor + iron tools in factions and grief/raid

Redstone perks:

  • All perks for Coal
  • /pweather
  • fly
  • 40 plots
  • full iron armor, tools & a mobspawner in factions and grief/raid (You can change the spawning mob by doing /spawner)

Diamond perks:

  • All perks for Redstone
  • a portable workbench (/workbench)
  • unlimited plots
  • acces to /repair
  • acces to /tp
  • Use worldedit at your creative plots!
  • acces to mega plots (200x200)!
  • Full diamond armor and toolset + 5 mobspawners in Factions and Grief/Raid (You can change the spawning mob by doing /spawner)

For more info check our site:


  • Be respectful
  • Dont grief outside the Grief/Raid world
  • Dont use hacked clients
  • Dont steal outside the Grief/Raid world
  • Dont spam
  • Dont scam
  • Dont ask for any rank or OP
  • Dont camp in minigames (since its VERY annoying)
  • Dont advertise other servers without permission
  • Dont abuse glitches

Thank you for reading and you're welcome to join the server! You are more than welcome!

Note: the server is cracked so you have to deal with /register and /login.


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