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Celestial Kingdoms


Ah, so you're thinking about joining Celestial Kingdoms, are you? Well, Celestial Kingdoms I can almost guarantee is like no other server you have played. You probably hear that a lot from other servers, but those turn out to have gimmicks that may spice up the game for a little bit. Celestial Kingdoms, however, is so much more than just gimmicky. We use the factions plugin which we chose because it's familiar to use, however, this is no factions server. We encourage players to build kingdoms and villages on land instead of the sky or underground. They really shouldn't either, because there are cave ins and you can't build straight up due to the Extra Hard Mode plugin. This gives off a real challenge which you have to completely change your style to work with. You must experience this for yourself to understand how everything works, because not everything can be expressed with words.

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