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Welcome to the iYam Network Minecraft servers!

Our Servers:

Faction PVP- Hardcore pvp server with an economy. Join a faction or make your own faction to dominate over all other factions. With a massive 16,000 by 16,000 world there is plenty of room to explore and find your perfect faction base. We have a custom pvp tagging plugin so you don't have to worry about those pvp loggers you find on most servers. Check out our shop to find great tools for helping you raid and grief but they come at a price. We sell creeper eggs and multiple types of spawners as well as enchants through enchant signs. We do anti hacking/cheating plugins.

Prison- Everyone must know the classic prison server! Here, you can mine ores and sell them to rank up, crafting tools and armour all the way. Rank up all the way to become free from the prison! But be careful, you will have to PvP players in this server. We also have plenty of helpful Guards that can answer all of your questions!

KitPvP- This is one of the most popular servers here! KitPvP is a PvP based server in which you get an infinite free base kit. As you kill players in one of our 4 quality crafted arenas, you get money for more advanced and elite kits. This server is perfect for players who love to PvP! Of course, if you donate, you get kits better than the rest!

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