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Land of ChBey


The Old Land violently ousted her inhabitants. With a merciless hand, she shoved the peoples of her hills, valleys, mountains, plains, deserts and jungles from her as an infected ocelot. Broken, confused and desperate the Old World pilgrims wandered on, cramped in ships of various construct. Finally they seated themselves upon the shores of their new home! Dubbed Tarslan by the Old World pilgrims, they quickly discerned that they were not alone on this continent. The locals, called Shoytor, greeted them. Their future, their destinies, now tied to this land they now called Home.

The Land of ChBey is a glorious, custom-crafted world in which players shape society, economy and war! Some players have been with us for almost two years, and continuously add to the content of the server.

We're an adult-owned, mature-staffed server that has been around since January, 2011. We welcome all roleplayers, PvPers, explorer and adventurers! We have a Dev server seperate from the Live server so that players will experience as little down time as possible! Our Active Staff are required to have two Minecraft accounts in order to seperate their RP and OOC actions. Every staff member is considered OOC, and can in no way actively participate in RP, unless otherwise noted and approved by Conyers0184 or Sticky2U456 on the Forums.

Here is a list of our Plug-ins that are relevant to the players. We have many plug-ins, but some (such as WorldEdit and Spectate) are not used or needed by players, so are not listed:
iConomy, Towny, Likeaboss, BetterLeads, MyHorse, Votifier, BookShop, Bookshelf, CombatTag, PwnPlantGrowth, ChopTree2, HungerGames, Herochat, Death and Rebirth, RealisticBackpacks (With InventoryLimit), Craftbook, UltimateArena, ChestShop and LWC

Players do have a limited inventory, however, they can craft, win, trade or sell Backpacks with a custom recipe that uses an item you can only win through arenas or purchase at the Donation Store. Any player can use them, however.

We do have a Donation Store at our website for players that want to help keep the server up and running! As a token of our appreciation for helping, we will also reward you with in-game content. The content varies, and there are permanent Donator packages with titles, so check them out at

We also have a set of rules to check out. They are broken down and explained completely. Connecting to the server acknowledges and accepts the rules.

We have a TeamSpeak3 server, also! There is no password, and the IP is

Be you Human, Elf, Dwarf, Halfling, Kiedran or Demon, the Land of ChBey welcomes you! Come, make your own Destiny!

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