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Welcome to GravaCraft!
The server is currently in open beta it will continue to be until the end of September and then you will be able to play the full version of the server.
This factions server is a lot more customized than a normal factions server so come on and check it out!
Once you have voted you will then be assigned to a new group called "Member"
How the server works:
When you first join you are given a rank called "New" this is a temp rank and to get out of it all you have to do is vote for the server on the websites homepage.

Once you have voted you will then be assigned to a new group called "Member" this gives you access to better kits and commands, you don't have as much of a teleport cooldown as New does.
Once you have been playing for about a month you'll then notice that your username will then become "Trusted". This means that you are a liked player on the server and you are seen as a trusted player. This will eventually intergrate with our website where you can look up a user and see there bans, hours played and reviews. People will review you if they trade with you and give you reputation. When you reach a certain reputation you'll then have enough to buy a donation rank without paying with real money!

Donor Ranks:
You can see all the donor ranks at the Website and click into a donor rank and it will have a descriptive description (haha)

Learn more about the server at our website!

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