This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Welcome to novapvp
Things that NovaPVP Have
NovaPVP is a server whit pvp and custom plugins
NovaPVP provides you alot of fun whit the custom plugins
NovaPVP Does not have many staff because we know alot of people abuse commands
NovaPVP Has drop partys on saturday at 6 in the evening gmt + 1
NovaPVP Is not as op as other servers including armor and more items
NovaPVP Does not give people bedrock in kits
NovaPVP Does not ban anyone whitout a valid reason
NovaPVP Does not need staff !!!!!!

Rules of NovaPVP
Do not ask to become a staff member
Do not ask to get gamemode or items
Do not try to insult our staff members
Try not to swear that mutch because we want a friendly community
Do not use hacks we will ban you forever and you wont get an unban
Do not use alternative accounts this is ban evading which we do not allow
Do not spam in chat
Do not advertise other servers on novapvp
Do not ask for a staff member in normal chat use /helpop helpyouwant

Some info about the custom plugins
Villager have a chance of 15% of dropping 2 emeralds
Creeper's have a change of 10% dropping tnt and a nametag
Horses have a 12 % chance of dropping ironhorsearmor
Zombie's have a 12 % chance of having a good axe when spawning

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