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PolyCraft Semi-Vanilla Server

PolyCraft Semi-Vanilla Server


Poly-Craft (Semi-Vanilla, Greylisted, Mature, EVENTS!) New Map on 01/04/2020!

Looking for a fun friendly active Minecraft community to be apart of? Look no further! Poly-Craft is a greylisted , semi-vanilla survival server that focuses on having a tight knit community. We offer the following:

Server Specs:
• Super Fast Server! 24/7 with No Lag!
• 6 3.5ghz Intel Xion e5 – 1650v3
• Hard Drives : 1TBSSD, 1TB HDD
• 100gb DDR4 Ram
• 1Gbit/s Port

Server Settings:
• Hard Mode
• Survival
• 1.15.1
• 10,000 x 10,000 map size.

Server Info:
• All Inclusive server. No Racist, homophobic, or any hate allowed! We love having people from all different walks of life.
• Staff monitored Greif and Theft Plugins
• Greylisted – We keep out the trolls.
• Weekly PvP Events with Awesome Prizes! : We have a whole section of spawn dedicated to these weekly events! Every Saturday, twice a day we go at it!
• Daily Voting Rewards
• Discord and Websites : See below for the information.
• Supporter Perks : Cosmetic non-game altering. Heads DB, Trails, etc.
• Active Staff!!!
• Much, much more!!!

So come check us out, fill out a quick application, and get greylisted today!

Rules: Our rules are found on our applications.
You can apply to join here:
Join our server IP:
Chat with us via Discord:

I joined the server, wasn't allowed to build, use anything or do anything except wander spawn, i was then told to apply but my application was denied due to my age (16 years old) i then asked what the age requirement was and was told they won't tell me. then was told to leave to a different server.
Posted 9th Nov 2019
PolyCraft is a fantastic little server! Their staff is really responsive and active, everyone there is friendly and they are very good at keeping out trolls and griefers. I haven't had this much fun playing a more vanilla experience in a long time! Kudos!
Posted 21st Aug 2019
This is an amazing server with a fantastic staff and community. The atmosphere is very relaxed and most players are very friendly and community minded.
Posted 24th Mar 2019