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VixelCraft NETWORK

VixelCraft NETWORK


VixelCraft is the #1 Minecraft Network, no matter what sort of player you are. We have a variety of different servers to satisfy your needs, each of them with many CUSTOM coded plugins, which is what makes our network unique.
Read below for basic descriptions of each of our servers.

Group up with friends and strike to create the best faction and rule the server. Along with the basic aspects of factions, we have implemented many other features to make your experience on factions more fun. Ever wanted to craft a backpack in vanilla minecraft? Good news, now you can! Dont you love special abilities? We have taken that to a new level with the custom VixelCraft special ability gems. Save up in-game cash to buy these gems and get amazing abilities, like double jumping, night vision, and much more. The factions server also has some other neat plugins like mcMMO and auctions.

Coming soon

Coming soon

Coming soon

If all that doesnt convince you to come check out the VixelCraft Network, here are just a few other reasons you should come join our friendly network.
• Unique experience
• Friendly staff always on to assist you
• All players treated equally
• No lag, fast servers
• 24/7 network uptime

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