This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Banner is wrong I know.. I need to fix it.


Also, The information below IS what the server WILL feature.. BUT, a lot of the plugins being used are outdated and need to be updated to in the mean time, a new "gamemode" is being worked on. It will feature futuristic themed pvp with guns and special abilities!


Hello guys!

DuskMC is currently in Open Beta and I would appreciate any help I can get. While playing, please report any feedback, suggestions, or bugs you may find on the forums in the correct sections.. Thanks!


DuskMC is intended to be a RPG server with quests, classes, skills, dungeons, bosses etc. But its making very slow progress so it now also has a Faction and Survival world. I still have a LOT of work to do on the server and have a LOT of features planned. Currently the server is set up into 4 "modes." These modes are Quest Mode, PVP Mode, Exploration Mode, and Boss Mode. More info on the 4 will be posted below.

General Stuff:


  • Custom Classes
  • Custom Skills
  • Progression (leveling up etc.)
  • Skill Points to make spells stronger
  • "Tiered" system is still currently being worked on so when you max out a tier 1 class you could profess into a tier 2 class
  • Killing things grant experience
  • Leveling up grants more health
  • Open to Spell/Class suggestions
  • Uses mana to cast spells
  • Parties can be formed to share experience with your friends
  • Universal for all worlds

Chat Channels:

  • Chat channels are available per world
  • Using "Herochat" plugin
  • /ch list
  • Sexy chat format


  • Universal for all worlds
  • Unarmed is disabled

Exploration Mode:


  • Runs Faction plugin
  • PVP enabled
  • Griefing, stealing, and killing all permitted
  • Has access to "Faction Dungeon"

Faction Dungeon:

  • You can get here through the portal at the Faction spawn
  • Infinitely generated dungeon world
  • Full of loot
  • Full of mobs
  • PVP enabled
  • Building disabled


  • Runs Residence plugin
  • PVP disabled
  • Griefing, stealing, etc. not allowed
  • Has access to "Survival Dungeon"

Survival Dungeon:

  • You can get here through the beacon in the Exploration hub at spawn or at the Survival spawn
  • Infinitely generated dungeon world
  • Full of loot
  • Full of mob
  • PVP disabled
  • Building disabled


  • Custom made dungeons
  • Custom mobs
  • Custom bosses
  • Custom loot
  • Quests


  • Get together with your friends to challenge powerful bosses in a arena-like spaces.
  • The Boss Mode hub will have portals to each boss
  • Open to boss suggestions
  • Bosses will be on a timer until they "respawn"


  • Challenge other players in arena-like battlegrounds
  • Run with the "War" plugin
  • Various game modes within PVP like capture the flag or king of the hill
  • Teams
  • Custom made arenas
  • Custom "PVP Classes" that can level up and unlock more spells

I just wanted to highlight the main things here, and I'm adding more to the server every day! If you want join and help out please feel free to get involved! I could use all the help I can get and I want to build a strong, welcoming community. If you run into any bugs please report them, and any suggestions/feedback you might have feel free to share as well! I'm open to suggestions and appreciate any feedback. Thanks for reading this and hopefully I'll see you on the server!

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