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AvatarWorld [Elements] [Bending] [Factions] [Raidi


Feeling lazy? Here's the IP! (1.7.2)
The IP is a little messed up right now so use this one!

What is Cosmos of Avatar?

Basically me and my friend got tired of seeing the same old PvP factions server, but we love to PvP and raid. So we came up with idea to add a plugin to add a little twist with the basic PvP factions. Here at Cosmos of Avatar we try to be unique, so maybe stuff you see on one server, it'll be compltely different here! Though we try to stay close with the basics, PvP, factions, raiding, we always look for a way to branch out and use our creativeness.

What is bending?

Well we came across this plugin called "The Last Airbender", I myself am not into the show or lore so we are not based off the show, but we embrace the features that it brings us.
I'm feeling lazy right now, I'll write a tutorial here later.
Server IP

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