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Server Name: 50Craft
Server Locale: United States East Coast
Server Address/IP:
Additional Worlds: Sky Islands, Water World, and Caves


Explore worlds of eternal night, brave the heights, and go for a long swim!

Artifacts are the central gameplay component of this server. Their purpose is to give the mindless drone of Factions PVP some general goal, other than looking to raid peoples faction bases. Essentially, an artifact is any player built structure that is amazing in terms of design and creativity. This can also be literally anything, such as an enormous intricate castle, to bridges crossing sky islands.

Each artifact will give the builder 5 credits (equal to ~5000 in game currency) and a bonus in game wage of 10 currency an hour. That is of course, until the artifact is captured or destroyed. You see, to qualify for artifact-hood, you must post pictures of it on the forums… along with coordinates to the site. An admin must also approve it before you receive your reward. So you have to ensure that your artifacts are well defended, but also don’t betray the location of your faction base. If you capture or destroy an artifact, alert an admin, and receive 1 credit for your efforts. Capturing it will get you the builders 10 currency per hour wage.
Credits of Worth are really a storage of value They are characterized by books signed by The_Pwner. They allow you to purchase land on the Hub world, whether that means a base for your faction or a shop to sell items.
This is ideal because any base you build there is many times safer than in the PVP worlds, and is not prone to be reset when the maps get rotated around. But beware for they are not entirely safe! Other factions can buyout your faction base. To perform a buyout an opposing faction must be able to bid at least 2x what the land is worth. The faction being bought out has one week to be able to beat the bid.

For faction bases each credit of worth will get you a 5x5 block of land at the outskirts of spawn. The more you spend, the closer you get to the main spawn area.
For shops the price will be dependent on the shop location and size of the shop.

Credits of Worth can also purchase you portals from the main world directly to your faction bases on the various worlds! 5 credits for each portal.
Runecraft allows you to shape the world around you in great ways. This includes creating unique short-term tool enchants, teleporters, hidden walls/passageways, and even the ability to moving whole sections of land. A list of the possible runes within this plugin is located at the link below, but take care because they are not all enabled.

Server Hardware: 3gb RAM allocated hosted on an empty dedicated server (OVH).

Owner/Admins/Moderators: ThePwner, Hai, That1guy2112, Halolas, axrader111

Pictures/Videos URL:

You can find the rest of the album here:[6]

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