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IspiraCraft Survival/Build


IspiraCraft is a friendly, non-grief survival server that's build-oriented. We have multiple worlds, including a regular member's world anyone can access, a donator/staff world, a world for people who've proven themselves decent builders, and of course the nether and the end!

We have multiple protections against grief (Factions, LogBlock, Etc). Including a custom anti-cheat plugin, so if you're thinking about flying around, just remember. It won't stop you, but we know what you're doing, and we will take action.

You can earn ranks by building better and more impressive structures, We have an economy system and a shop where you can buy pretty much anything you'd need, but don't spend your money there just yet! Players can make their own shops, or host public auctions, so you might want to check those out for a better deal on what you're looking for, or even items you can't get otherwise!

Come join in on the fun, we're waiting for you!

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