This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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This is an old prison server. It was made about a year ago but was turned into a hub server. Now its back to just a prison server! We also have custom plugins made by the Owners. Now what you do is you start as an E rank you can rank all the way up to Citizen. These are the ranks and prices:

  • E-Block = Free (Starting Rank)
  • D-Block = $7,500
  • C-Block = $35,000
  • B-Block = $70,000
  • A-Block = $110,000
  • Free = $200,000
  • Citizen = $500,000

Each rank is different. Example: E-Block has a mine that has Stone, Coal, and Iron. D-Block has a mine that has Sandstone, Coal, Iron, Gold, and Lapis Lazuli. You can sell all the items you mine or get from killing people for money. Just sell things at the shop in the courtyard. Once you get to Free you can leave the jail and build a house. Be careful because raiding and griefing is allowed in the Free world. Once you're Free you can join factions you just can't make them. You can only make a faction when you are a Citizen.

What are you waiting for? Join the fun:

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