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Do you like amazing Minecraft servers? Ones with brand new unique ideas? Ones with ideas outside the box which have never been seen before? If this sounds like a server you would like then you should log on to '' today and become a server superstar! With some great features you will never get bored! CookieCraft is a Faction PvP Server, on the server we have MYSTERY CRATES! With mystery crates you can receive a key, click a crate, and get some amazing rewards! If you were to vote for the server you would get some amazing rewards, so its definitely worth the effort. With 2015 slots you will never be alone on the server. Since the has 8GB of RAM and hosted off MCProHosting (the top server provider) you will never experience any form of server lag! With active staff, always willing to help, you will always have a staff member to speak to and ask any questions you need answers too. Want to know more about the server? Then why not join today or check out our forums at!

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