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Sanctum 24/7 Survival & Creative


MC Sanctum Survival Server

24/7 working for 3+ years already!

Welcome to Sanctum! We opened December 15th, 2011 to build a friendly community, gather and mingle creative and hard working individuals, and help newer players learn the game better. We have mob arena, zombie invasion, and head hunt events for the benefit of our players, as well as periodic building contests with amazing prizes. Several cities exist to assist new players with getting started, and our friendly community is always willing to lend advice and a helping hand.
Worried about the house you spent days building being griefed? Our dedicated Staff work constantly to keep griefers and spammers off the server at all times, and any damage done by the odd griefer who does slip through can be rolled back in seconds - simply notify a staff member. Exceptionally large or well-made homes can receive a private region to keep them safe.


• Easy Survival, Creative, Nether, and End worlds
• Simple ranking system
• Anti-hack and anti-cheats protection (your gameplay is safe with us)
• Protection against griefers (instant ban; rollback of damages)
• No damage to the environment from creepers, endermen, withers, etc.
• Full support of Essentials: free kits, teleports, multiple homes, etc.
• Powerful server with minimal lag that can support up to 150 people online.
• Save your buildings via schematics and download them!
• And much, much more...
How to connect to the server:

Simply enter one of these domains in server address window!


Our website:

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