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SkyHigh, as I like to say, has been crafted by the community; by Minecraft players for Minecraft players. I've listened to everyone and collaborated them into one, network server. You never have to exit to the Minecraft screen since you can quickly hop into one portal and you're in a totally revamped and exciting game mode. Economy is shared between game modes, meaning playing SkyBlock and earning Credits there, will also carry over to SkyRaid and vice versa.


  • Customised SkyBlock plugin especially for SkyHigh. It has built in challenges which you earn Credits by collecting, mining and crafting certain items. We also have a shop, built in which you can quickly buy, and sell, from an interface - no more teleporting back to spawn!

  • We have a new feature which automagically picks up items you mine. Yes, this means you'll never have to worry about losing your items into the void. Also useful to prevent cobblestone being burnt to a crisp by lava.

  • PvP and griefing protection on your islands to allow for awesome builds! However, we still have a PvP arena if you wish to duel your friends.

  • Integrated into our SkyBlock plugin, there is an island ranking feature which compares your island to everyone else's on the server!

  • Earn Credits when you kill mobs!

  • Killed a person? You have a chance he will drop his head!

  • Plus all the standard features you'd expect in a SkyBlock server!


You can now raid, and loot other people's islands with creeper eggs and TNT. Factions in the Sky!

  • Again, we have a customised SkyBlock plugin especially for SkyHigh. With built-in challenges and shop, it's a breeze getting to grips with the new playstyle

  • Larger starting islands to help begin your new SkyRaid journey and restart if you gulp get raided. These now include a double chest filled with equipment, ores under the grass and more trees.

  • BLOOD effects

  • Invite up to 4 friends to create the most powerful island on the server!

  • Health Bars! See how close you're to killing your enemy!



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