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Ominous PvP

Ominous PvP


Hello, and welcome to OminousPvP!
OminousPvP is a dark-themed, faction-survival server with lots ofof unique and entertaining plugins, such as LuckyBlocks, Duelling, RecruitMe, and many more. Here at OminousPvP, we, the staff, strive to maintain a professional but friendly attitude towards players to help create a more fun, enjoyable, and drama-free experience on our server. With an amazing, custom built spawn and custom made plugins, we are sure our server will not seize to disappoint!

Our server is not a pay-to-win server, as we have many free ranks you may earn by spending "x" amount of time on the server, although we still have donator ranks.

Join the server at! We'll see you there!

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