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Gibikz Factions

Gibikz Factions


Gibikz Factions
This place is hard. Seriously. Youre too weak to survive here.

Gibikz Gaming Community proudly presents our Factions server. Weve done everything we can to make your survival experience threatened and difficult. Most of the conveniences are gone, there is no over powered bullshit, and you probably don't have the balls to play here. Should you choose to, you will have to survive the environment and the other players. Above ground. You get ONE home. You get limited mcmmo points. You get some cheap ass leather to start out in. This isn't your lacey, over powered, diamond pooping server.

This. Is. Gibikz.

The plugins are designed to aid you, but force you to leave your base. Gone are the days of porting between all your homes safely. We have warp portals, but they aren't secure so use at your own risk. You get one /home, one /f home, and /tp. All teleports have a cool down. If you want instant satisfaction and a chest full of grapples {also on cool downs}, this is not the server for you. You’ll have to plan your attacks and adventures, knowing where you are and planning how to return in case of disaster.

On other servers where raiding is allowed, your strategy can be glitched through and blasted easily with readily available creeper eggs. GGC favors tactics that require more effort. We have cannons and tnt bows. While obsidian will protect you, it can be destroyed with enough time, money, and effort. You will have to get creative, obey won't save you here. Decide which cannon is best for the situation and plan carefully to avoid blowing up the treasure you seek! Practice before raiding is recommended as aim is critical. It gets even more interesting with hidden entrances and traps waiting for you. Not for the weak.

We offer factions, which allows you to configure a multitude of permissions. Tinker and find the right settings for you and yours! You don’t have to join one, but it is encouraged. You’ll find it more difficult playing by yourself.

We host a completely custom mcMMO. You build your own class based on the things you choose to level. You will find it insanely difficult to level up after about 7000 levels, so choose wisely. Team up with others to maximize skill collections.

If youre looking for a special item, head over to the shops. And by shops, I mean not spawn shop. Youll find limited combat items there which can run out. The only thing in spawn that will never run out is emeralds which are there as an exchange for currency. Theyre used for portals, cannons, and economy- choose wisely. Have money? Good, head to the player shops outside spawn. After 24 hours of play you qualify for your own. Youll have to depend on players for items you lack, we aren't holding your hand.

Excellent support, no lag! We have professional tech support, excellent quality service, and issues are fixed right away. Our staff is mature and does not ban at whim, but you know the drill. You want to spam, hack, X-ray, or beg for op then piss off. We enjoy playing, not just watching, and take personal interest in the health of our community.

If you want a challenge, if you're tired of easy mode and players who only win with daddy's credit card, check us out. Live in fear of being raided, go ridiculously far to protect your items, and enjoy your nerf bat pummeling.

Our plugins:
Cannons: Explosion, aim, FIRE!
Factions: Play alone, fight as a group, pick your poison
mcMMO: create your own class! First 7000 points are simple, after that it’s going to take much longer.
This prevents people from maxing out every skill in no time flat.
Savage Death: usually never lose items on death. usually.
CreativeGates: use emeralds to make gates to anywhere, bring your enemy home with you!
SilkSpawners: 1% chance to mine spawner without, 25% with silk touch
Craftbook: chairs, gates, hidden switches, drawbridges
Obsidian Destroyer: because no one should live comfortably

Extra features
drop party arena: you didnt really think wed make a safe drop party, did you
OP test: Want to build Spy Admin Mod? Great. Pass the test. 90% for admin, 100% for OP. Dont like, it Too bad.

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