This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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The Admin Shop
Entrance into the North,South,East,West

This server is a new server. Plz to don't ask for op or anything like that. We do have spots left but to get them you have to play for awhile. Don't come barging in and screaming and crying because you cant get op or moderator right way. We are looking for nice and respectful people. Meaning we don't want to hear you complain if you die. Enjoy the server. Also don't come if you know your computer is Crap. It has to be a ok computer. Ranks are Guest, Member, Member+, Moderator, Admin, Admin+, Co-Owner, and Me Owner Thermalcode. there will be more ranks coming soon such as VIP and VIP+. Also there is a Creative world PlotMe for those who love to quick build.
We have a large variety of plugins that help run this bukkit server. I might consider adding more plugins, soon as I work some more permissions.

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