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The Aurora Academy

The Aurora Academy


Build Contest: Build Contest: The September Build Contest is now live, "A Day at the Market" will be this months theme, you have till the 28th to Enter and till the 5th of Oct to finish. Prizes and more info here: Note: Deleting or clearing/changing the build to something else will mean you will lose your rewards.

Guardians and Neophytes: Hey Everyone, We are currently in need of builders to join the Guardians of Aurora Build Team, if you wish to join you can follow this link:, to apply on our website, there are some benefits that come with being a guardian. We are medieval/fantasy themed and therefore do not need modern building or redstone expertise as of yet.

Ability to build anywhere on the plotworld, (misuse will get you banned)
Access to all worlds that are still under construction. Infinite plot claiming, (try not to have so many plots that you will never finished, they will be removed)
Access to full worldedit. Ability to judge build contests.
Able to participate in contests if not judging them.
Be able to help new builders learn to build and improve their skills.
Able to aid in the guardian selection process.
Some basic moderation commands (to be established)
Direct influence on the way the server looks and what will be added.
Other secret potential possibilities.

Peacekeepers and Squires: We also have moderator places open if you wish to apply through the website: The application process is rather long as there will be interviews and trial periods to go through, there is an age requirement so if you are not willing to give your age we will not be accepting your application. Peacekeepers are the main moderation team while the Squires are a sort of mini-mod, who will also be focused on making the forums a integral part of the community.

Marketing/Media: Faron is hiring video recorders/editors for the server marketing team though you will need to speak with him directly on Enjin:, or PMC:


The Monarch Bundle: The Monarch Bundle is a limit quantity rank higher than our Citizen and Noble Ranks, it grants extra items that neither of these ranks offer and was created souly for the purpose of ensuring that we can keep the server running. This bundle will never be reintroduced once it has expired and new ones are not guaranteed to be better than this one was. There are currently six out of seven bundles available for purchase if you wish to do so check out the donation store here:

Welcome to the Aurora Academy Server Page! Check out our new TNT Run Minigame.

Credit to everyone's builds we have used in the making of Aurora Academy. We are so grateful for you're permission and hope that people respect and take a look at their builds. Links are below if you wish to check out anything we have used.

Jusserhead for the Medieval Spawn Hub
Rayman03 for the Swordhaven's Castle Server Spawn previously
Bajansam for the Terrinthiad Arena for our minigames lobby
dlobi2 for the Server Spawn, for our survival world.
Also check out Monsterfish's Conqured_ Trees and Rocks Schematics and BO2s

Reasons why you should join Aurora:

  • A plot system that works even if you're offline to ensure that your builds in our Creative Gamemode are never lost or ruined.
  • A dedicated staff team working around the clock, to ensure that the server is appropriate for all ages , personalised by the owners.
  • Access worldedit commands through our 'runic feature' by voting 5 times.
  • Marriage commands with our Citizen package.
  • One of the best back-up systems in Minecraft to ensure all work is kept and nothing is lost.
  • A warning system like no other, to ensure you are given a fair decision.
  • Large plots of 256 x 256 in our Creative Gamemode.
  • Best kits in our survival gameplay consisting of; iron tools, a horse egg, saddle and food.
  • Contests help every month so that you have the opportunity to win prizes!
  • A personalised wikia with all the background information on our server.
  • A friendly and welcoming community which will blow you're mind away.
  • A fully engaging application process for anyone looking to be a moderator all through our Website:

We do not try to boast about our server and want you as an individual to make that choice for yourself. Don't be scared to hope in and say hello, because were always willing to help you out and guide you on your journey to success.

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