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StellarCraft is a Canadian Minecraft server that aims to build a community of awesome, mature, quirky, intelligent folks. We strive to create a well balanced gameplay experience.

Our survival world uses the mcMMO plugin. Unlike most servers that give you skills by default, small quests must be completed in order to earn the ability to start levelling and using you skills. Our survival server is also very strongly based on economics so that no element of the gameplay is inaccessible to players who dont like to do a particular task. An example of this is that those who constantly find they are lovers not fighters and arent prone to saving up a lot of experience will find it beneficial that they can put their experience into bottles to save for later, as well as they are able to make money selling blocks, ores, flowers, and vegetables, then use the money to purchase enchanted books and tools. As a matter of fact, almost any item can be bought or sold in the spawn town.

Aside from our survival world, we also offer a creative world. The best creations in the creative world may be submitted to the admin team for inclusion in the cities or towns of the survival world.

We are also proud to be able to offer a SkyBlock world to our players! Skyblock is also very economics based and has an excellent skyblock world shop. Towny will also be available soon as well!

Our server was partly born from the frustration of other servers the StellarCraft admins played on being reset after vast amounts of hard work was put into our creations. Our promise to our players is that we will never reset so you will never have to worry about losing your hard earned skills, beautiful architecture. and redstone machinery. When the time comes that our most essential plugins are all compatible with Spigot 1.8 and we are ready to update, we will keep the old maps and convert them to 1.8.

Because our server is fairly small, our staff is able to provide limited tech support to our players. This is an excellent server for those who are just starting out at Minecraft and need help optimising an older slower computer to do the job with minimal lag. Our website also contains guides to various features of the server so players who havent played on many multiplayer servers before and arent familiar with things like mcMMO and PlotMe wont feel like they are in unfamiliar territory.

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