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MuttonTowny - New Server!


Owner: TA_Hockey
Co-Owner: paigecal

Hey guys! Join MuttonTowny today for a fantastic adventure!

Why should you join our server? Here's why!

1) Every single staff member is caring and wants to help you.

2) We use such fantastic plugins like CustomEnchant, Jobs, Towny

3) We use the Votifier plugin, we will give you rewards just for voting for us!

4) Our server gives everyone an opportunity to make friends from all over the world!

5) Joining a town means that you can work with other people to do some fantastic things!

6) Our chestshop prices are fair, so you don't have to spend 10 plus hours working in order to get a tiny little thing!

Make sure to join MuttonTowny for a fantastic experience!

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