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Hello everyone if you came over this page and you opened it i want to say thank you first and then explain why you should TOOOOOTALY join this server:

? So first here players are friendly and staff repsonsable so you will see every time that staff will help you. And if you need some more help you can just do /helpop :D

? Second we offer you no lag on the server and some pretty nice kits!

? Being a KitPvP Survival Server as kit starter you get a mooshroom egg so you can get a mooshroom cow so you can get free soup!

?To start your survival adventure you just need to run from spawn ;D!

? But what if you want to pvp and you dont have any armor or sword or soup?
Don't worry we have a kit for that too.Its called pvp and you get a diamond sword with sharpness one,full iron armor, soup and speed 1 and strenght 1 pots! You can use this kit multiple times but its a 1h cooldown!

? Some people joined the server and asked me how to set home. Well its a plugin called bGo! And to set home you do /go set [and the name]! You can have 5 "homes" but as a donator you get more! And to go to your home you do /go [name] and to see all your homes you do /go list! :3

? To donate you do /donate! And if you would donate i would be really happy because its my first server and you might see some bugs and glitches (and if you do just tell a op) and i really want to keep it up and thats why the server needs some donations

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