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MisfitMC | Mature | Survival | Economy | Event: Ea

Daily Fishing Tournament at the City Pond
One of 4 outposts for quick build access
Our City
Try your luck at our Slots
Unique Minigames

Next Server Event: Easter Egg Hunt - April 18th to 20th - Search for eggs and earn money in a 1000x1000 world!

Our Mission: Putting the fun back into survival

Who is MisfitMC: Launched in January 2014 by a collection of adults (our average age is in the 30s) looking to put their own spin on the Minecraft experience

What Makes Us Different: The focus of MisfitMC is not to appeal to everyone. Instead our focus is on creating a grief-free and unique survival experience geared towards economists, miners, builders, and explorers. And we do this without overpowered donator perks - we'd rather go broke than have this be a pay to win server. Here are a few of our main features:

The Misfit Museum - All players can apply and have their builds judged for entrance into the Museum. Players earn reorganization and rewards for accepted builds.

The Misfit Mining Company - We created a custom system for players to earned money for digging all types of ores.

Player Run Economy - Players set all buy and sell prices through player run shops using the ShowcaseStandalone plugin. Open a wool superstore or corner the diamond market. Anything is possible.

End Game - Obtain End Portal Frames through various means for the opportunity to fight the End Dragon! Conquerors are rewarded with prestige and otherwise unobtainable housing plots.

Other Features:
Interactive Monthly Events | No PVP, No Harassment | Grief Protection via active and friendly Admins as well as LWC, Residence - and CoreProtect Plugins | Daily Finishing Tournament | Custom Parkour, Archery, and TNT minigames | 2 Custom Mob Arenas | Tons of Slot Machines in our Casino with various reward mechanisms | Borderless world - explore as far as your heart desires | Active admins that like to play the game just like you | TeamSpeak3 server to chat with other players

Website - | Live Map - | Server IP:

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