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Logical MC | A Fresh Survival Server!


Welcome To Logical MC!

Where We Care About You!

Logical MC, Was Created by Austin. We are an Economy + Survival server. We offer In-Game ranks with little perks that you can buy with your In-game money. On Logical MC You will meet very friendly members who just love the game of Minecraft.
We are a fairly new server and are jus looking to get better in everything!

We Offer A Huge Shop For Players To use.
In-Game Ranks.
Custom Set Economy
Friendly Members.

We are a very close community and would love to welcome any new comers to our humble server.
My goal as a server owner is to make the server as player friendly as possible. If you have a suggestion we want to hear it!


  1. We Do Not Allow ANY Griefing On The Server, Any Grief Will be Easily Rolled back And You Will Be Delt With Accordingly.

  2. Respect ALL Members, Please Treat Others as You Would Want To Be Treated!

  3. Please Do Not Bug Abuse Anything, if You Find A Bug Please Report It To A Staff Member.

  4. Play, Love, Have Fun.

Thank You So Much For Your Time... We Hope To See You On!


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