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Prison Rush



From the minds of Exeic and PARKERMCKINLEY, they present to you the best new Prison server out there.


Prison Rush is a well designed, highly polished server that is always accepting ideas to make the server better for the community experience and the personal experience. The ranks are fun, and challenging enough to make it addictive and have a stable community. We have a host that runs 24/7, and runs off of 4GB of RAM so we are sure that our players don't lag whatsoever. Our ranks were designed by some of the best builders on Minecraft and give you a prison that is a luxury, and we are sure that you will enjoy the sight's you see in our ranks.



Default rank
Mine that contains Iron, Coal, and Stone
A full tree farm filled with Birch Trees
A full Fishing Farm
Shops with great prices
Contains main PVP

C-Block - $15,000

A mine consisting of Iron, Coal, and Wooden Planks
A food farm for your hunger needs
A cool PVP arena that has a natural terrain
A shop guarenteed better than D

B-Block - $50,000

A dirt mine consisting of Iron, Coal, Gold, and a small amount of Diamond
A Pig Farm for all of your food needs, I mean, who doesn't like killing little piggies!
Low level Enchantments (Up to level 15)
A tree farm that will suit your wooden needs
Access to cells! Yay!
A-Block - $80,000

A small zombie mob grinder
An awesome shop
A Clay mine with Iron, Coal, Gold, and Diamond
A Pig farm
Veteran-Block - $120,000 - More info coming soon

Escaped - $150,000

Access to the Faction World!

Treasonist - $200,000 - More info coming soon

Paradise - $375,000

The most relaxing block
A chest restock with great items!
A full enchantment room!
A fantastic mine!
Food shop combined with the regular shop

Raider - $1,000,000

The gem of Prison Rush
Access to the BEST mine on Prison Rush
Access to a custom dungeon
Dungeon has chest restocks, and you gain xp by defeating monsters in the dungeon
Raids take place every week
Able to have a great time with friends by killing monsters

We have spent a very long time making this server, making sure that it is user friendly, and tested every single variable that made this server a whole. We really hope you join the server, and the staff of Prison Rush hope to see you soon!

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