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Bustedcraft Prison server [NON-OP]


You start in an open world. But the only thing you can do is perform a crime. The cops find you and bring you to , They put you in jail. Theres only 1 way to get out. And thats by working. You can earn money by chopping trees, working in the mine and fishing. You start as a C-prisoner, and the money needed to get to B-prisoner is 15K. The C-prison mine contains: Stone, Iron, Coal. If you mine long enough, and you have enough money you can rank up to B-prisoner. The B-prison is much larger and isn't such a big craphole like C-block. Al tough you still have to work very hard in the mines (diamond-small amount- gold, and sand blocks.) Once again when you have enough money you can rank up to A-prisoner. You get access to a bigger mine (nether rack, lapis lazuli) Now, you can say that working all day is a little bit boring so we invented some other things too. At 6:10AM you get access to other parts of the courtyard, where you can battle other people from different blocks. But be aware! When the night falls the doors close from the courtyard and prisoners need to go to their cell or to the mines! Of course theres a lot more to do , like pvp arena where the gangs hang out, mob arena where you can fight the biggest animals ever seen, plots, where you can build your own little house. But back again to the rank up system. You are now an A-prisoner and you have the required amount of money for Elite-Block, Don't get us wrong. Elite-Block is one of the hardest blocks in our prison. You need a big amount of money to get to Free. And oh, when you get to Elite.. Watch out because pvp is enabled everywhere in that block. Except for the mines shops fishing area. Now I believe I've heard that some guards are corrupt. And with a little bit help from the outside you can buy yourself some luxury suites, some great armor to battle the finest inmates. Of course that isn't for free, but believe me, in our prison every help you can get, is worth i

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