This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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FunkyFactions 3rd Gen



FunkyFactions, what makes us different than any other Factions server? Well...

Obsidian Breaker:
Most Factions servers don't include this nifty plugin. Our configuration will allow TNT that is not protected by water (use hybrid cannons for water!) to be blown up in 5 direct explosions. (Creeper/TNT)

We have the Mcmmo plugin with large nerfs and removals on combat skills. We configured the plugin so that is a 100% unique experience. (Don't worry, no armor shattering or disarming!)

Every day, you can buy up to 20 lottery tickets. Simply do /lotto for more info!

If you don't like the prices items sell/buy for in our dynamic, extensive /warp shop, you can auction or bid on items with other players in a scam-free way.

Any lapis block you place will become a trampoline that you can stand on for large amounts of momentum. You can also disable the sounds with /tsound.

Fight through endless waves of creepers, zombies, skeletons, spiders and of course boss mobs to get awesome rewards, including items, money, tokens and perks. We have several areas available, most notably Dungeons. When playing this arena, you will fight through only 50 waves; 8 bosses, 5 supply, 7 swarms and 30 normal waves. (VERY ADDICTIVE)

Play against each other in our unique spleef arena experience. Got an issue with another player? Challenge them to a game of spleef for bragging rights, or raise the wager a bit...

Every time you vote, you get experience, diamonds, money and FunkyTokens. With the FT's, you can buy a large range of items from mob eggs to fireworks. Soon, you will also be able to buy temporary perks!

Every time you kill someone, you and the victim will be notified like so;
[FunkyPvP] Congrats, you killed !
[FunkyPvP] Better luck next time, you were killed by !

We have a custom coded soup system designed to give you a random amount of health each mushroom soup you eat. It could be 1 heart, maybe 2 or even 10!

Old Strength:
In 1.6, strength potions we're made significantly more OP. We changed them back to how they were in 1.5.

King of The Warzone:
Control specific areas that are predefined for specific amounts of time to get bonuses in-game, such as automatically respawning chests, money, experience and potion effects.

Our custom version of NoCheatPlus, we added an anti freecam system that blocks those pesky hackers from stealing your items through walls. We're working on an advanced, non-laggy anti x-ray system!

We also have over 150 custom coded features.


  1. No hacks, or unapproved mods.
  2. No spam, caps or advertising.
  3. No cobble clouds around spawn.
  4. No arguing with staff.
  5. No lying about donations.
  6. No swearing (this means ! instead of "i" to get around our anti-swear plugin).
  7. Use common sense.

We have several staff ranks. None of the staff are allowed to play the game, they are there to moderate and administrate.


We offer over 300 buyables for fairly reasonable prices in our donation store, accessible in-game with /donate or with /buy. Don't worry, nothing is too over powered!


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