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NOTE: This is not a 100% vanilla it has anti-cheat and a few other commands like Mcmmo this is to give people a chance to up their skills and is quite fun. The anti-cheat is so people don't ruin the fun or worse hurt the server. Other plugins may be added at any time.

Updated to 1.6.2!

The Server has been up for a few months now and does have a large community that is growing and growing at a fast pace. The server has no lag. Very small staff and still working on finishing the spawn and such. Players will be able to Tpa, set a home, and start with a small kit. The server has Anti-cheat Anti- Xray and also Griefprevention so everything will be safe! No white-list. There is a grey list so just join and talk with us and we will promote you up. So just jump right in. Posted Image

If you are looking for horses we have a shop that will be happy to sell you a horse and anything you need with it. Including name-tags, saddles, armor, food, and more.

We have build contests often so join up to learn the details. They happen every Friday at 7 so be there! Can get rewards such as diamonds and nicknames!

If you cannot get promoted or the server is offline do not worry. You can leave an app in the comments and we will promote you when we read it. Then come back when the server is ONLINE and you will be able to build.

Server staff list will be added soon enough. Not sure when I will be adding pics of server creations still need to take them.

NOW 24/7! There will be more rules added in time so just follow the main ones that are at spawn please. We will be looking for new staff but please don't ask.

I will see you out there!

Note: Server is Online so jump on in. Posted Image

Owner- GhostSpartan93

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