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Raxeria Network

Raxeria Network | Advanced Survival


Welcome to Raxeria Survival 1.20.x, a Minecraft server that elevates your gaming experience with a host of unique features. Dive into an enriched world with custom fishing, featuring over 100 new fish species and an exciting rarity system ranging from Bronze to Mythical. Level up your fishing skills, manage Entropy to enhance your abilities, and compete in thrilling in-game fishing tournaments. Equip special Totems for unique effects and passives, making each fishing expedition an adventure.

Our custom crops system adds depth to farming, with seasonal growth cycles that challenge you to plant strategically. Use greenhouse glass to grow crops year-round, protect them from crows with scarecrows, and maintain soil moisture with sprinklers and watering cans. Optimize your harvests with five different fertilizer templates, each playing a crucial role in crop growth, and monitor their effects with a soil surveyor.

Personalize your tools with our extensive collection of tool skins, tackle challenging dungeons, and defeat powerful bosses to claim valuable loot. Engage in regular tournaments and competitions, complete daily quests for rewards, and use the reforging system to customize and enhance your gear.

Join our vibrant community and embark on an unforgettable adventure in Raxeria Survival 1.20.x, where every day brings new challenges and rewards. Visit our website to learn how to join the server and start your journey today!

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