This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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ChaosCraft || Black Pulse


Server IP - Connect with:

The Best Server you ever play!
The Website Url Is:
Minecraft Rules:

Respect staff and other players.
No swearing or using profane names.
No spamming. This includes /tpa.
No advertising of any kind.
No hacking/cheating the game. This will lead to PermaBan.
No asking staff for items, money, creative, gm 1, OP, staff positions, etc.
No discrimination of any kind, including but not limited to racism, religion, etc.
No harassing players in any form.
No /tpa killing, or PVP porting of any form.
No bypassing lockette using hopper, minecart hopper, claiming of land, or any other kind of exploit.
Griefing is only allowed in the wild, and in claimed over faction territory. No griefing in towns.
The only modifications allowed are Optifine and Minimap.
Use common sense.
Be nice and have fun.


Donator Rules
No giving out items/money to other players/sharing chests.
No raiding/griefing in creative.
No using /fly or /god while PvPing.
No abusing God items in PvP
No giving yourself items in HungerGames. Includes but not limited to God Apples.
No killing people while in /d

Non written rules:
Dont play dumb or deaf on staff.
Dont work-around the rules.
Use nicknames related to your in-game-name, so people dont have to wonder everyday who you are. Avoid using the k character
Plugins installed on server: World-edit,Authme,essentials,pex,etc.

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