This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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XennusCraft [Towny][Hunger Games][PvP & PvE]


It is the year 2100. The Earth has been exausted of all valuable resources, and its people are looking for a new world where they can start fresh. A new star system, the Xennus star system, is found. Before long, a space station linking the worlds of the system is constructed, and many people begin moving, hoping they can make a new life for themselves...

Will you be one of them?

XennusCraft Vanilla is a new vanilla/Spoutcraft server set in a sort of Sci-Fi theme. Not a geek? Don't let that stop you! We offer:

  • A Chaos PvP world for those who like having bloody battles and blowing stuff up! PvP and Tnt are are enabled even in user-protected areas, so be sure to build up your defenses!

  • A peaceful PvE world for those who prefer crafting in peace.

  • A Hunger Games world, for organized PvP battles, with monthly to bi-monthly map changes. Suggestions are welcome!

  • And more! This server is still being built, so you can have an influence on the way it develops! Currently, an elaborate shop and economy is planned, and will be implemented over time.

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