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About Us:
Mantle-Craft is a premium hosted & very community centric server. To accomplish this, we tend to keep a fairly low profile in the Minecraft universe, which in turn allows us to create a unique & tailored experience for the smaller number of players that regularly visit us at Mantle-Craft.

It is our philosophy to create an innovative & competitive environment for our users to play. Whether you want to create a safe haven for yourself away from PvP & griefing. Or want to embody the PvP aspect of Minecraft. We have a variety of server policies to support both platforms.

Originally, Mantle-Craft was hosted in London, due to the owner of the server living in the United Kingdom. But as the community began to develop, we found that the larger portion of our regular player-base were signing in from the USA. So to best server the player-base, the owner moved the server from London to New York (east coast of the USA). This server shift has enabled a considerably better connection for our USA player-base, while also providing a decent & playable connection to our EU-West player-base. Owner still connects from the UK, & would have shifted the server back to London if latency had caused any genuine concerns for him.

Community Staff:
Baamoink is the Owner of the Mantle-Craft server, born in 1988. Having run the Mantle-Craft server since 24th October 2011, & with nearly 9 years of experience in online gaming communities. He takes on the brunt of the servers financial costs & overall development of the server itself.

Head-Administrator’s have the same power that the Owner does, having unrestricted access to every aspect of the server’s commands, server files & website. For this reason the Head-Admin is a difficult role to fulfil. Baamoink will approach a player if he feels they were suitable for the role. This role cannot be asked or applied for.

The administrator is given access to bypass various protections on the server, & given sufficient power to administrate the website & Mantle-Craft Server. Administrator’s are to have a good level of knowledge regarding the plug-in’s that are used on the server, & an in-depth knowledge of our playerbase.

Moderator’s are our frontline on community moderation. They are not required to have a great deal of knowledge regarding our plug-in’s or in-depth functions of the server. But they are required to have an open mind & knowledge of our playerbase. They also assist in advertising & maintaining a healthy community on the server.

Construction Staff:
The Architect is our leading role for staff that are charged with aesthetically developing the server. They are given unrestrained access to achieve their building goals to be most efficient. Due to the responsibility of such a role, the expectations are very high, & this is therefore a very difficult role to achieve (cobblestone huts won’t cut it I’m afraid).

Our Builder’s are our front-line for the server’s visual development, they are charged with building various prop’s, arena’s or whatever else the server may need in our Creative+ world. Our Creative+ world enables access to 100x100 plots with World Edit.

Server worlds:
Our Survival world has a number of alterations that you won't find on your standard Vanilla survival. Physic's in our Survival world have been altered, dirt falls like sand does, you can't swim in water if you're carrying too much, custom loot drops from mobs. Along with many other unique experiences to be had on Mantle-Craft Survival. So if you're looking for something fresh in your Survival mode, this definitely a place for you.

Our Survival world is Towny & Lockette enabled, which when used in combination, allows our users to create a safe-haven from PvP & grief. Alternatively, you can enable open PvP & grief in your town if that is what you choose to do.

Welcome to hell on Mantle-Craft, we have a number of tweaks in our Nether world to keep any veteran players on their toes. With added danger, comes added rewards, you can earn some of the best custom loot on the server travelling through the Nether. But beware, it isn’t for the light of heart to attempt.

The End:
Fought the Ender Dragon before? Well you'll need to rethink your tactics for this beast. The Ender Dragon has returned stronger than ever. You'll need to band together with your friends to take this monster down!

This is our standard Creative world that everyone has access to. Players are given access to Creative mode in a 50x50 plot to build without the need to gather materials from all over the map.

Here we have what you could consider ‘VIP’ Creative world. Our Creative+ world gives access to 100x100 plots, along with access to World Edit to use openly within the 100x100 plot. However, access to plots in this world are not given quite so openly. Players must either donate via our Donation Store to gain access to plots here, or must possess either the Builder or Architect rank on the server.

DynMap (DynamicMap) gives players the ability to watch the world they play on evolve, live from their web browser. To view the live map of our server, click here.

Integrated Website & TeamSpeak:
To create a fully integral experience for our members, we provide a tri-sync’d system for our users to take advantage of. The chat is sync’d between our TeamSpeak & Minecraft Server. The ranks are sync’d between our Minecraft Server & Website. And the ranks between our website & TeamSpeak server are sync’d. So any changes on 1 area of our services, affects you directly in another area, creating an absolute immersion of your experience with us.

Player Ranks:
This is the default rank for any new player on the server. Guest’s on our server are still able to enjoy their time on Mantle-Craft, & are able to build/destroy, use towny & the majority of the core experiences of the server.

Obtained by registering on our website & verifying their MC account with their website account. Has same permissions as Guest, it's simply a prefix change.

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