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The #1 Minecraft economy server

Buxville is one of the longest running, player-based minecraft economy servers out there. And we’re still going strong! Our unique role system enables players of all skills to have fun together! There are a total of 17 roles, and you start with enough money to choose your first role. You can have 5 roles to start with and get even more roles added later!
Whilst mastering you roles, there are a lot of fun things you can do. Here are a couple ideas:

  • Do quests that are randomly announced to earn money
  • Dig for Diamonds in the ether, a world that regularly resets to keep it fresh
  • Test your battling skills in one of the 4 different Mob Arenas
  • Start and develop a town, or join one and make it rise above all others
  • Go treasure hunting in the nether, but beware, pvp is enabled in the nether
  • And much more to choose from!


Buxville has a very interesting economy, different from many other minecraft economy servers. Because of our various roles, the prices are flexible. They depend on demand and supply, just like the real world. Demand could become increased by quests, contests or a special event. While supply, well that depends on the players that gather it.

The currency on Buxville is Bux and there are various ways to earn Bux. There are a couple of standard ways such as the mentioned quests. You can also sell services that you are able to perform because of a certain role that you have. Or simply gather items and sell them. There are some roles that focus a lot on making money.

Trading is the best example. Every 3 hours your 3 trader quests can get refreshed. Complete 2 of them and they will refresh during the next refresh. Trader quests are 3 quests that are the same for half a month. Which means you will have 3 different items to 3 NPC’s for a certain amount of Bux. Other roles that have a lot to do with making money are Banking and Shopkeeping.

Buxville Roles

Everyone starts out as a peasant, without a role, but you get enough starter cash that enables you to pick up your first role. Then it's up to you to find a way to get cash to fund your next role!
There are 17 Roles in total. Each role has 5 ranks and getting the first rank costs 1000 bux, but further ranking up uses spawn eggs that players get via voting, server auctions or of course in player to player transactions. The lowest ranks of the roles offer basic perks but as you rank up the possibilities for profit and fun increase, but so does the cost. This process requires patience and for many members will take weeks and months but it always feel worth it when you reach the next level. With every rank you go up in your role, you unlock new abilities and perks. Not to mention more respect from within your role and on Buxville, sometimes even a shiny new chat color as well.

How to join

It’s simple; all you have to do is log in and join the fun.

The first time you connect to the server you get the choice to get through the tutorial or start to play. The tutorial will give you a lot of information on how basic mechanics work and which commands you can use. There are a lot of commands available so it is suggested to take the tutorial*. The tutorial has two parts (8 questions in part 1, 12 questions in part 2).

*Once you enter the tutorial, the only way to get out of it is by completing it. Do not that the tutorials can seem to lag quite hard. This is due to the large number of signs that are present there and Minecraft is trying to keep all of them rendered at the same time. Yeah that’s bad for your frame rate.

Additional Details:
• No stealing, no griefing/raiding, no factions, regulated PvP.
• Back in 2010, Notch shout-out at us to "Stay classy" and that's what we aim at!
• Buxville is one of the biggest, oldest, and most popular Minecraft economy servers around.

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