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Spawn cave
Jib's abode
Hub's house
May's Tower


  • Survival, No PVP, No griefing

  • Lively, original events

  • Custom plugins (Warps, trading, and more)

  • Lag free 16GB dedicated machine

  • Fun and welcoming atmosphere

What people are saying about Hexicraft:

  • "Minecraft is the stupidest game but I love everyone on Hexicraft so much" - Spidersqueak

  • "It's so unreal buds, it's absolutely phenomenal and ground breaking" - Jibbleostrich

  • "Hexicraft is my favourite server, I've been on it for around three years. The staff, even members are all very helpful with any questions you have. I can assure you if you put dome time to it, Hexicraft can be one of your favourite servers!" - Dacvid

  • "Hexicraft is a fun friendly community, with easy going staff" - _MrLee

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