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What is DirtFusion ?

DirtFusion is a Hardmode, PvP based survival server which makes you think before every step you take, every hit you make and every object you craft. It is a Tekkit Modpack for Minecraft with carefully handpicked mods, plugins and configurations that make a normal player's life difficult, while making an administrator's life easier.

Raiding is part of DirtFusion while Griefing is NOT allowed. Our Officers and Managers have access to an array of tools and information that allow them to quickly and easily find and take appropriate actions against anyone that does not comply to the Game Rules.

With Towny at play, the structures that you build will be safe from destruction of any sort as long as you build them in a chunk claimed by your town and can maintain the hefty rents for them. You can sell Gold and Silver in the Global Shop at Spawn (X = 0, Z = 0), and also make money by killing mobs and destroying Monster-Spawners with an appropriate tool.

Last but definitely not the least, Infernal Mobs make it so that the flimsy and weak mobs from Vanilla Minecraft, are now a thing of your nightmares. Once you encounter and realize how fatally demonised a mere Zombie can become if you're unlucky enough, you will be forced to think twice before approaching another mob again. With randomised mob-tiers such as Basic, Rare, Ultra and Infernal, you're sure to get a Rage Quit climb up your spine every now and then !

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Please Be aware we use Technic Launcher and can be downloaded from

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