This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Welcome to SpartanCraft! A Survival Server with minigames TOO! Have fun and when you get in type /rules!


1)This is a Raid Sevrer
2)Have Fun
3)Don't ask For OP
Simple as That!

We have creative for you on our server, just simply do /warp creative and then do /p auto or stand on the plot you want and do /p claim! You can add people to your plot to help you build or remove with /p add (player) or /p remove (player)
Build what ever you would like and have fun while doing it!


We have survival on our server also! We have Factions (a teaming/gaming/grouping plugin)! What you wanna do to get to survival is Drop from spawn then drop again! You are now at spawn survival. Get your kit and then do /f create (FacName)! (We have a bunch of signs on one drop all about factions)! You can then invite people or ally/enemy/neutral people with /f ally (Fac) or /f neutral (Fac) or /f enemy (Fac)! To invite people do /d inv (player)!
To claim your land do /f claim or /f autoclaim! Your job is to raid other factions and take there land! To check your power do /f pow but to check who your allies/enemies/members/Fac'sPower and all do /f who! To see which factions are available do /f list!

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