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Player will be able to choose jobs such as shopkeeper, supplier, mayor, or citizen (default).

Mayors: Can start towns. Must advertise and govern effectively in order to increase number of residents (Citizens, Shopkeepers, Suppliers). Must have knowledge of world-guard plugin commands for claiming town as well as setting up shops and homes to rent out to player residents. Must build their own town. May hire Construction players to help with building process. Mayors may expand town size multiple times for a fee. A mayor may not be inactive for more than 10 days in a row - results in a demotion (method for obtaining a replacement mayor has not yet been determined) Mayors may also switch jobs, but must pay a fine determined by the number of residents in their town. (The exact details on the fine have not yet been determined)

Shopkeepers: Rent their property from mayors. Gain their products from Suppliers or by themselves ( This dangerous due to PVP outside of town boarders). To work with suppliers, a Shopkeeper must create a contract. Contracts can be cancelled by either party. Shopkeepers cannot switch jobs while bound by a contract

Supplier: Works with Shopkeepers. Also rents property from Mayor. Suppliers must go into the wilderness to gather supplies to complete contracts with their shopkeepers. Although they are included as a resident of their town, they are free to form contracts with shopkeepers in other towns. The Supplier job implements the MCMMO plugin to make it advantageous for shopkeeper to hire them rather than gather resources themselves. Suppliers may not switch jobs while bound by a contract.

Citizens: The default occupation. May join/leave a town at any time without penalty. Free to live in the wilderness (not reccomended- players cannot set home, Griefing, PVP) as well as in a towns- renting property from Mayor in secure world-guard region.


We are working as hard as we can to finish coding the alpha.... Expect a few bugs because today is launch day, and please report them to us via the forums so that we can improve your experience.

Future Expansions will include:

  1. Construction Occupation to assist Mayors in building their towns (Already added)
  2. Cops/Robbers Occupations
  3. Bodyguards/Bandits Occupations
  4. Bandit Teaming - Dens instead of Towns with Bandit Chieftains instead of Mayors
  5. Town and/or Den Sieging with Town vs Town and/or Den vs Den warfare!
  6. Exclusive Donator Occupations such as Blacksmith (Creates powerful enchanted gear)
    and much more!

Feel free to leave us your ideas for our Extreme RP server!
The sky is literally the limit.

If you have any questions, contact:

The Darkrpmc Team

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