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Bambi Gaming
Updated to 1.5
Come Join!

Bambi Gaming is a free to play non-pvp server. The server is geared towards having a fun survival experience where people would work together and not fight each other. Our server has had hours of work spent into it to offer the best experience for our players.

Our server has a strict policy towards griefers and spammers. If someone is griefing and it is reported we will instantly ban that player through mcbans and rollback any and all changes. This keeps our server looking nice and keeps dedicated players staying.


Our aim for Bambi Gaming is to provide a friendly survival server that has 99% uptime. We use multiple plugins for the server to enhance the gameplay for our users such as Essentials, Logblock, McMMO, LWC and other plugins. Our aim is to have socialization and our admins and moderators will gladly help you when ever you need it.


Donations for the server can grant you some extra perks. Currently our donation package is $10 and offers:

[Veteran Bambi] Tag
Ability to use color on signs and in chat.
Ability to fly around the map with /fly
Jump to blocks with the /jumpto or /j command
Set up to five different homes.
Disguise as any mob!
[More features to be added in the future]

If you wish to donate, go in-game and type /buy and the steps will be listed you need to go through. All donations are done through Paypal so it is all secure. If you donate, You will be the owner and staffs best buddy.

Server Rules
The rules of Bambi Gaming are simple yet fair to keep our server away from the pesky griefers, trolls, and other spammers that ruin the game for others. Disputes are non-negotiable and whatever the admin says goes. Using the excuse you didn't know the rules will never work. If your banned, It is your problem not ours. Here is a list of our main rules.

  • No griefing, stealing, or entering into closed houses.
  • No excessive cursing in chat or rudeness to players.
  • No spamming or using caps lock a lot, we consider it spam.
  • Don't be rude to players, mods, or admins.
  • Do not hack or exploit the game in any way shape or form.
  • Server advertising is not allowed and will result in a temporary ban.

Server rules are usually updated in-game at either our first player spawn or our main spawn.

We do allow the mini-map mod and we aren't against using it so feel free to use it.

Ready to join the server? Make sure you know the rules and such. If you believe you are ready go to the I.P. address below.


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