This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Small factions/raiding server.


The theme of the server is pretty well just a factions/raiding server, with some special plugins of course. Raiding and 'griefing' are allowed.


No cheating. "Cheating" includes but is not limited to hacks, hacked clients, client modifications that give any unfair advantage (with the exception of OptiFine, Rei's minimap, and inventory sorting mods) and plugin exploitation.

Note: Mods may be 'decriminalized' by submitting a request to an administrator via website. Requests will then be reviewed and either approved or denied.

No Spamming. Spamming will be defined (and is subject to change) as the excessive repetition of messages or commands within a short time period. This will of course lead up to a permanent mute.

Respect others. While it's not so much of a rule, verbal abuse isn't really okay. This is a fairly lenient rule, but can also result in mutes or bans.

No server advertisement. Whilst you may tell another player an IP using /tell, global server advertisement will result in muting or banning.


We don't have an active community-- Yet! Take your part and be as active as possible to attract more people to the server and earn rewards!


Owned by KisukiKasegane and Co-owned by Shamwava

Tobi_White (AdminLead)
toddijt (inactive)

rager23 (ModLead)
fenceFoil (inactive)
THE_RED_ACE_3 (inactive)
ercen3 (inactive)
andypandy0912 (inactive)
Lavi5 (inactive)
Zaydie (inactive)

D3AD_W0LF (Jail Warden)

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