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Wheel of Realms

Wheel of Realms


Join us in a cycle of competition, raiding, base building, skill leveling and so much more. Who will rule from the top of the Wheel of Realms? Only you can help decide the fate of the kingdom.


  • Clan-based combat system where allies and enemies meet on the fields of battle to settle their differences.
  • Cities, villages and castles designed by our builders to provide an immersive RPG experience.
  • Skill ranks in mining, fishing, fighting, farming and many many more that change Minecraft into a true adventure game.
  • A booming economy, where prices vary depending on global trade lines and current diamond prices (Stock market!)

Server Rules:

  • No Spam
  • No advertising
  • No x-ray
  • No clients
  • Respect Staff
  • PG-13 Language
  • TNT is enabled for base raiding
  • Faction bases are raidable
  • Inventory items are still dropped on death

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