This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Welcome to craftsurvivalgames!

This server is an extremely competitive survival games server with 8 arenas and 80 slots

How to play:

Playing the Survival Games is really simple and easy, but it takes a long time to master. Once you get into a game by clicking a sign on the lobby wall to join an arena, you wait until the countdown ends. When it ends, you are free to run around the map and collect items from chests that are placed or hidden around the map. Each chest gets randomly filled in every game.

Hack Free:

This server is completely hack free! This means that there will be no hackers. We have an anti-hack plugin, but if you want to complain about a hacker, please send a picture or a video to


No spamming
No mods/hacks
No asking for permissions
No advertising
Respect and listen to staff
Try not to cuss
Do not be rude

Useful Commands:

/sg join n: joins the arena with the name n, replace n with the arena name
/sg vote: votes to start the game
/sg leave: leaves the game
/sg lq: leaves the que for an arena

Online Stats:

To check your online stats, go to This website has the stats for the server where you can check your rank, win to lose ratio, kill to death ratio, average finish, total games played, total wins, and more!


Parkour arena now available!
PVP arena now available!
No whitelist, just join and play!

80 slots and 8 arenas with more slots and arenas to come!

If you vote:

/kit diamonder to get ingame items
10 bottles of enchanting for the ability to enchant your items in the pvp-arena
you have to be online when you vote to get the 10 bottles of enchanting

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