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ArkleCraft 1.8-Hybrid Survival/RPG




What is ArkleCraft? We are a small, community-oriented server. We started off as a home hosted survival server, and had short lived success, so we asked what our players would like to see, and we listened! We are now on a dedicated host in Dallas, Texas, and are reworking the server to include both a hybrid RPG/Survival world, and a world for a traditional RPG, with a most unusual terrain and story (guaranteed!). We wish to foster a healthy, friendly community, so we cater to our players to implement new ideas to make the server the best it can be. As unique as ArkleCraft is, we believe that the player base are the most important aspect in making the game fun for others, so our only real rules are as follows:

No Griefing of ANY type Don't know what this means? Please refer to this page-

Be Respectful of ALL players, STAFF OR OTHERWISE This is our most important rule. We do not have taboo subject/language rules, but if it makes someone else uncomfortable, be respectful of that player and hold your tongue.

Do NOT ask for Ranks We are NOT looking for staff currently, nor do we have applications. We watch our players carefully, and, if they earn our trust and regularly display the helpfulness and maturity we believe necessary to a certain staff rank, may offer a contract for said rank.

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