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Barebones Survival



Welcome to Bare Bones Survival. Survival Re-imagined. This a Hardcore Minecraft Survival Server where survival is key. Resources a scarcely scattered around the map, meaning it will take a while before you even find iron let alone diamond.Our map is custom generated with Dungeon and Bosses so you can raid with your friends (soon to be implemented), explore a vast open world that is 14,000 by 14,000 blocks! With our Dynamic Economy, players decide the prices if you can find the scattered market towns, also trade with players and become the king of the economy.

Across the map lurks dungeons that you can raid with friends or take on solo if you dare! Immerse your self within them and become the dungeon master using our unique dungeon/raid system.. In dungeons you can find rare resources that are normally not obtainable on the map.

At the end of a Dungeon, you will find a dungeon boss, strong a powerful and the mightiest can take him on. But kill him and reap in the rewards, diamond loot and hard to obtain enchanted weapons. At night spawns a mighty and ferocious beast. Giants. Big. and Strong. You will need a squad to take one down, teamwork is key

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