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KMCS Tekkit Server!
(18+ Minecraft server)

This server is dedicated to the amazing Tekkit modpack. There is a staggering array of material here not seen in regular Vanilla Minecraft or even Bukkit.

You can extract resources like oil, generate power, build Ironman-style suits, and even build and fly rockets for fun on the Moon and Mars!

Here is a list of the core-mods you can play there:


by micdoodle8

Travel to the great beyond in your own spaceship!


by SirSengir/Krapht

Quarries, pipes and pumps. Create a dream factory!

MineFactory Reloaded

by PowerCrystals

Automate everything! Farm, ranch, and build crazy conveyor belt networks!

Modular Powersuits

by MachineMuse

Build infinitely configurable suits with dozens of special powers

Thermal Expansion

by King_Lemming

Dozens of factory improvements: ore processing, energy conduits, and liquiducts.


by XCompWiz

Travel to another age

Applied Energistics

by AlgorithimX2

Store your items in a complex network

Dimensional Doors

by StevenRS11

Create your very own pocket dimension

Also included....

Balkons Weapon Mod
Chicken Chunks
Custom LAN Ports
Dimensional Anchors
Equivalent Exchange 3
Inventory Tweaks
Iron Chests
Not Enough Items
Nether Ores
Rei's Minimap
Steve's Carts
Immibis Microblocks
Trade Booth
Buildcraft Additional Pipes
Greg's Lighting
An Obsidian Plate

Come check it out!

( for Connection instructions and relevant links - You'll need the Technic Launcher etc)

You'll need to be registered on the Whitelist ( before you can access server, this is because you have to be 18 or older to play here.

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