This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Nova Prime


Welcome to Nova Prime

Our server is dedicated to bringing you the most extreme survival experience possible
• Level your skills as you fight with MCMMO!
• Try your best to survive with plugins made solely for extreme survival!
• Hope that you don’t die, to stop yourself spawning far from your death point!
• Take part in regular competitions and receive bonuses for playing!
• Helpful, Friendly and active staff to help you with anything you need!
• Enjoy the ability to play anytime on our 24/7 99%+ Uptime Server!
• Play the way you want to! Suggestions are regularly considered to make our server exactly what you're looking for!
• Obtain great ranks like Builder and PvP to gain extra benefits for free!

The Nova Prime Story
Nova Prime was once a proud, and prosperous world. Cities, so technologically advanced, they would blend in with the surrounding wilderness in perfect harmony with the planet. Then the sudden shortage of materials, precious ores and other valuables turned nations against each other as they fought to dominate the lands and keep resources for themselves. Peace was no more as buildings were blown into pieces, leaving bodies littering the wreckage.

After decades of fighting, the super powers of the world turned to nuclear warfare. At first, precision nuclear strikes were launched against each other, only for each strike to fail due to each nations superior defence sattelites. Weeks passed by and not a single strike had been successful on any side. That is until two major nations decided to launch the rest of their entire nuclear arsenal at the other nations, who then panicked and retaliated in the same way. The satellites were overrun, targeting and disabling as many nuclear missiles as possible, it was not enough…

The whole planet glowed amber and red as the fires burned across the lands, as the oceans boiled and grew infected with the radiation that poisoned all that survived on the surface.

Many years have passed since the war now regarded as "The Great Hell”, and life has made a slow, but steady return to this world. Humans, who survived, finally leaving the safety of their bunkers to risk this new, and hostile world were to be met by a new force to be reckoned with… Survival. In this world forged from the fires of "The Great Hell”, they must adapt or die as they fight for their own resources, but also fend off creatures only nightmares could summarise.

YOU, must adapt or die… Welcome to Nova Prime.

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