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Monarchy Online

Monarchy Online


Welcome to MONARCHY,
We are a RPG/Towny server with a lot to offer. We love Minecraft and enjoy the normal minecraft experience, thats why we use towny for players to build and be able to protect their builds, towny also allows you to invite your friends to build with you and grow as a community. You can grow your town to a kingdom, or even a Nation if youre strong enough. Since we run a monarchy based system, the top three towns/guilds will have high server influence and will compete to be crowned Royalty.

We are also very RPG/PVP/PVE orientated.
In terms of RPG we run Mcmmo, which helps us create skills players can level. We also have Dungeons with custom mobs that drop EPIC custom loot and youll even have the chance to unlock special spells/powers. Theres many ranks to compete for whether you are into PVP, building, PVE or even being the richest on the server, theres a rank for you.

We host events nearly weekly to keep the server fun and we have a really nice community and team of staff so come join us now at
Cant wait to see you there.
-ShadyBlues [Owner]

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