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GameTypes:Factions-Survival-raiding-Pvp-fun :3
AdditionalWorlds: MiniGames-Creative-Towny [Coming Soon]!!

Explore the lands and conquer new territories with the help of friends, if that is the path you chose. Rome the lands in search of others dwelling your raid and destroy your enemies and make your way to the top above all other players. Above all have fun play nice and have fun! :3

[1]No racist or sexist remarks!
[2]Obey and respect staff, their the law!
[3]No EXCESSIVE caps
[4]NO hacking using special mods or x-raying-Insta-ban
[5]No asking for OP,ranks,items
[6]Show respect to your fellow Minecraft players!
[7]Please no excessive swearing limited cuss words is nice :S

HardWare: Hosted by MultiCraft and server purchased from GGservers
Fun Plugins:
-HeadDrops: This plugin allows for mobs and players to drop there head at a rare chance!

-SugarRush: When you eat a piece of sugar you get the speed potion effect, which is very useful when you are running from someone and don't have any speed potions!

-InfernalMobs: Most mobs will randomly spawn with special effects to enhance the survival experience, this is very rare and very dangerous

-Factions: The main feature for the server atm is factions it is rather self-explanatory and should be easy to understand in game. Recruit an army of followers to cover the land with your protection and expand your empire to become the most powerful player in the server!

-DisguiseCraft: Disguise into any mob to sneak up on your enemies or friends and give them a real scare, this plugin is useful for snooping around and pvping in disguise to trick people!

-Xpbank: Note: Work on progress: This plugin will let you store your XP and then come back later and take it out of the bank for further use!

-EchoPets: With echo pets you can have a loyal companion follow you on all your adventures, more features will be added in the future!

-SilkSpawners: Pick up spawners with a silk touch pic to make some OP grinders!

That sums up some of the plugins that you will expect to see on the server do note that some features from plugins can only be accessed by donating to the server!
Owner: BuilderDan1 [Note] I am also the builder of the server and have built everything for the server instead of using Schematics :3 Hope you enjoy your stay on the server :D

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