This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Aetherium Minecraft is a simple 24/7 Minecraft survival server.
A-MC is providing a simple survival experience for both new and experienced Minecrafters in a friendly
environment without the threat from thieves, burglars or griefers!

There is no age requirement, but please try to be mature!

Doors, chests, furnaces etc. are all locked using LWC, although you can share them with your friends!
Use Zen to buy items from player made stores, become [U+] User+ to set up shops of your own.
DynMap - A map of the world to find your perfect spot for a house!
BOSEconomy - Use our currency Zen to trade with other players, set up shops, buy from shops, everyone likes shops!

We would NEVER, under no circumstances grief your constructions unlike some server admins on some other servers. All blocks are logged and all worlds get daily backups, so it is virtually impossible to lose something to griefers, if you actually are a griefer, we are going to enjoy banning you, so why give us the pleasure?

For collectors: Mobs have a 1-10% chance of dropping their heads when killed, players have a 50% chance when killed in PVP.

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